APU New Campus - Workshop

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hey y'all👋🏻 I'm here to day to blog about APU new campus, so it'll just be a short and boring post. Joined a (video editing) workshop at APU this morning with my classmates. We went there by bus. Aha! APU is truly awesome campus and here a few reason why.

1. The peeps were all friendly af and very nice. Everyone there had a heart of gold and was so nice! Especially the staffs, they are encouraging, helpful and warm too! ❤️
2. Gorgeous sceneries to take photo with friends.
3. AWESOME workshop at APU new campus!! Learned many new things about stop motion today. The activities are fun tho. It was such a great experience!😛
4. Good food😍 ((but quite pricey hmmm

Well, below are the photos we took at APU new campus today. I hope you'll enjoy it :)


short briefing before everything start hehe..

the room of the workshop
"Time and Spacing"

Idk where is this, its just a random shoot okayy😛


三剑客? hahaha

Credits to wenjing😍


The photo I like the most! :P
Cr: eejun (our photographer hehe)

4 of us❤️


group photo #squad #complete #APU 
the only photo we all look good lol😂


6/7 - where's eejun hahahah #incomplete

Happiness is having crazy friends and being stupid with them😂

To more adventures and glee moment😎 Thank you for the unforgettable memory ehhh!

We won this in "Time and Spacing"💕

Last but not least, a photo of me to end this blogpost. It was a great experience tho. Thanks for having us here APU! Proud to say that our group had made it to get the champion in Time and Spacing. Appreciating the hamper, fun day yoooo

Alright, I shall stop here now.
So that's all for today, take good care people!

Yours truly,
Nyen Yie. 


Again and again

Monday, July 10, 2017

Lay down in bed, try to fall asleep, and suddenly my brain set itself on fire with thoughts
"Am I sudying the right way?" "Am I understood what I'm studying?" "Am I ready for the exam?" "What if I can't get good grades in my exam?" This is not the first time these thoughts came across my mind. Again, I ruminated over all these problems.

I feel like this moment will never stop.

Until my exam is totally over.

Yes, STRESS. I understand that SPM is just another chapter of life and also a small chapter but I really really want to do well in SPM.😐 ((what to do huhh
Maybe it's because I'm an emotional person, maybe it's because I put so much ridiculous pressure on myself to be perfect, but when I fail or go through something painful, I freak out.

I have to remind myself that there are problems worse than mine and there are so many wonderful things for me to enjoy. I guess I need a short break to let me figure out what I really want and also get back on my track as soon as possible :)

Nah, just wanna expressing my feelings here because nobody to talk to. And I don't want to spreads my negative thoughts to people surrounding me because they may faced the same problems too(maybe) // bringing them down doesn't makes me feel better or solve my problems🙃 Errrrr.. goodbye and good night  hahahaha :)

Yours truly,
Nyen Yie.


A day to remember

Monday, July 03, 2017

"Someday everything will make a perfect sense."

While looking through all the pictures we took yesterday, I realise how important my classmates (5cekalians) are to me. It was a last minute decision to blog about yesterday - an outing with this crazy bunch

It reminds me of how much my life has changed. 5C (my class) has not been the only reason of change for me in my life, but it played a pivotal role. I remember I used to dislike this class when I know I'm in this class last year. I used to study very hard to get good grades in exams so that I can get rid of this class and back to "Bakti family". But there's always a room for change. Although I hate this class, they are still there for me whenever I need them, they are still willing to help me without asking anything in return. And all these little things, melted my heart. Therefore, I decided to stay in this class in my final year in high school. And I never regret my decision till now. :)

Let's get back on the topic hahahah😂 We've planned to out for shooting our class photo since two months ago. As you know, yesterday was a photo shoot day😂 We went to The Waterfront @ Desa Park City.

Lemme share some of the pictures we captured yesterday.

We had our lunch at Amelio  The Waterfront. Tried the smoke sausage spaghetti for the first time. It was quite good😋

Took a picture outside Amelio hahahaha 

I wasn't ready yet🤷🏻‍♀️ cr: @gyeeloo 

I like this picture the most😆 Because I look so natural in this picture hahaha 

#JNJ #partI

#JNJ #partII #loves  

The last photo I took at DPC🌸 

After that, we went to Jaden's house and  took the group photos hehe💕  

cr: @gyeeloo  

5C #incomplete 

5C girls #incomplete 

An NG photo😂 

Last but not least, we took a group photo before we leave J's house. 

That's all I've got to update you guys for now.
Hope you've enjoyed the post. 
See you guys again soon and take care!

Yours truly,
Nyen Yie.