Sunday, April 09, 2017

Hi guys! Sorry for being inactive last week :) So sorry because I've been busy lately. I'll try to update my blog every week :). I'm here today to blog about KDU BOB CAMP 2017. So, it'll just be a short post but I hope you'll enjoy it.

Before BOB CAMP start ;D #crowd

credits to Hui Zhu.

Station 1

In the radio DJ studio.

It was a great experience :P

Station 2

Station 3

In the recording room.

Station 4

5C gang <3

Back to the hall. KDU band is the BOMB heheh ;) THE END

That's all I would like to share with you guys. I've blogged another boring post haha.. Have a nice day! See you :D

Yours truly,
Nyen Yie.


SPM Thoughts

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Recently, I got my Ujian 1's result. OMG It was my worst exam result. Worse than last year. I regret not studying harder :( I'll take this as a lesson learnt. Will do better in next exam :)

Let's get back to the topic,
I always have the question in my mind, ALWAYS. Will I regret, if I do my SPM terribly? Probably YES. Then, I started to doubt myself every time this question popped in my mind. Why do I have to do that in my SPM? I just have to do my best and strive for the best! Do the best you can, work hard. Fighting! The question is, am I doing it right? Apparently, NO. I am wasting every second of my life right now, doing nothing productive and losing my interest in studying.

I don't get a thing about those three science subjects! That's why I am regretting of choosing science stream, but I have to be responsible for my decision. I eventually realized, I don't really love chemistry nor physic actually! Anyway, I will strive for the best lah. SPM is never a bed of roses, I can't slack anymore. Hopefully, I can really work hard, spend less time on using phone and spend more time on my revision.

Anyway here's 5 things to do if you didn’t get the results you were looking for,
1. Accept it for what it is
If you at least managed to pass, try to focus on this as a positive.
2. Stop comparing yourself to others
You have to keep your focus on yourself and your own goals. Your friends have their own paths to follow.
3. Know that you can do better next time
Maybe you need to try a different study strategy all together. Whatever didn't work for you this time can be changed up to ensure that you're better prepared for next exam.
4. Let out your emotions
It’s not always good to ‘keep it all in’. Sometimes having a good old cry will really help the situation.
5. Work harder
Study more. Figure out where your weaknesses are in studying and make sure that you focus on those weaknesses.

Okay, Imma stop here. I'll blog about KDU BOB CAMP 2017 in my next post :) Goodbye. 

Yours truly,
Nyen Yie.


Trip to Pulau Ketam

Monday, March 27, 2017

Alright, I'm here today to blog about the Pulau Ketam trip. Went to Pulau Ketam last two months with my family. I knew this is a SUPER SUPER LATE Post. Sorry for the late post. Last two months. It was a Saturday evening. Went to visit Pulau Ketam. It was a last minute plan. All that I could say is, AWESOME. Nice view. Well, below are the pictures of the view at Pulau Ketam when I reach :D

Colourful house spotted! ^^

Trying to be artistic here LOL (fail)

#Act #Part1

#Act #Part2

Below are the pictures of the fireworks that I took:

Day 2 :D

Nice view at morning <3

Took a selfie before we leave Pulau Ketam.

Last picture of Pulau Ketam's view before we leave. The town is so beautiful and quiet. I like it pretty much.

Next, I want to share about my April goals.

What I want to do in April:
1. I want to get a certificate for MSSWPKL.
2. Spend less time on my phone (study more).
3. Spend less money and save more.
4. Train harder for sports day and workout four times a week.
5. Have 2 post per week on the blog.

That's all for this, hope you enjoy it. See you :)

Yours truly,
Nyen Yie.